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Midtown Dental’s 6 Tips to Optimize Your Dental Experience

1. Ask, ask, ask!

If you are unsure about your dental treatment plan, please ask our dentists any questions that you may have. It is vital that you understand what is being done and why. For extensive treatment plans we offer complimentary consultations so that you understand why and what you are getting. The last thing we want is for you to come out of a dental appointment confused, and unsure what the next step is.

2. Talk to your dentist about regular cleanings and checkups

Some patients only require cleanings/check-ups once a year, others may require more frequent visits due to gum disease or other pre-existing conditions. Make sure you talk to us and understand why you are on the current regime and if you have any questions, please ask us and we would be more than happy to talk to you.

3. Know your insurance coverage

Many patients leave it to their Calgary dental office to be aware of which treatments will be covered by their insurance. Every insurance plan is different in the coverage they offer and each will have their own maximums. It is your responsibility to be aware of the particulars of your own insurance plan. We will always be more than willing to look into things for you. However, it is important to know that many insurance plans will only release information to YOU due to the privacy act. At Midtown Dental, we know that finances can play a big part in decision making and although we encourage you to be aware of your plans coverage, we are not an insurance driven office. This means we do not let insurance coverage dictate our treatment planning, instead we offer the most ideal treatment necessary for you.

4. Make sure you understand the difference between immediately necessary procedures and preventative procedures

In some occasion’s, dental treatment is done to prevent future problems, please ask us questions about whether the treatment is immediately necessary or if it is a preventative procedure. Once again, it is important for patients to understand if their dental concerns need immediate attention and action or if some treatments can be done at a later date.

5. Remember you are in control of your treatment plan

As dentists, it is our duty to give you different treatment options available to you and the pros/cons of each option. We can give you our recommendations for treatment, however, ultimately the decision is yours. Remember there may be advantages/disadvantages to every treatment. If you are unsure of the differences in treatment options or what they may involve, we would be more than happy to clarify any questions you have and educate you on these procedures. We will support whichever path you choose to go forward with.

6. Ask your dentist about their level of training

Dentists are always attending continuing education courses to keep up with new studies, changes in technology and to learn the most current principles and practices that can be used in various dental treatment options. Ask your dentist about the extra training they have done after dental school. As dentists, it is important for us to practice with evidence based techniques. With the ongoing changes in technology and dental techniques, some procedures are now more successful than they were several years ago.

Once again, we would like to empower our patients to be knowledgeable in their oral health and confident in the treatment choice they have made. Please ask us if you have any uncertainties or questions about your treatment plan.


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