Dr. Mike Mah


Beginnings and Education

Born and raised in small town Alberta, Dr. Michael Mah aims to bring that small town touch of humility and personability to his practice at Midtown.  Having earned his Doctor in Dental Medicine (DMD) from University of British Columbia, Dr. Mah is happy to be back closer to home and family despite enjoying his time on the coast.  He is grateful and proud of having diverse experiences in his career including rural dentistry, surgical training in New York, various volunteer dental missions, and advanced training around Canada and abroad.

Patient Care

Dr. Mah puts relationship building at the forefront of every interaction, whether it be his patients or otherwise.  Having grown up in his family’s retail business from age twelve, he cherishes seeing new, familiar and loyal faces everyday. This relationship building is Dr. Mah’s most cherished passion in his practice and he hopes to continue to bring the same values of compassionate and encompassing care as your dental practitioner.

Personal Life

Dr. Mah has a love for travelling, cooking, food and hockey.  He enjoys being active playing a variety of sports including golf, skiing, hockey, squash, tennis and running.  His favorite hockey team is the Edmonton Oilers, for better or for worse.  His patience as a Oilers fan translates to a positive virtue as a health care professional.